Once there was a man 

Who made a big feast 

He invited all his friends 

From the greatest to the least 


He worked long and hard 

Preparing the feast just right 

Wanting everything to be 

Wonderful in their sight 


At last all was ready 

But none of the guests came 

He asked once again 

But received excuses just the same 


Being angry with the others 

He invited the poor in town 

He compelled all to come in 

And they came from miles around 


When the others heard of this 

They wanted to take part 

But there’s no longer room for them 

Or for their broken heart 




I saw a blanket of gold 

This morning on my way 

Up in the eastern sky 

At the start of my new day 


Beautiful puffs of light 

Hanging in the air 

Shining for me to see 

Cause God and I were there 


I thought of my Creator 

And the genius of His art 

Simple things are complex 

Unless seeing through the heart 


Thinking of all this 

Brought a tear to my eye 

Cause knowing that some people 

Would rather believer a lie 


They look at Creation 

And forget about the Lord 

Then miss their opportunity 

For their life to be restored 




An invisible curtain 

Covers Man’s eyes 

Some can’t see the road 

To their very own demise 


Other worlds await 

Just beyond sleep 

One full of evil 

Dark and deep 


But walking with God 

Hand in hand 

Brings you into light 

Just as God has planned 


He directs your feet 

Where they will go 

That’s walking by faith 

As you will soon know 


A veil separates us 

And death is the door 

But trusting in Jesus 

You’re safe evermore 




My hope has grown now 

But I remember the days 

When she would sing little songs 

And have her little ways 


To God her Holy Father 

She learned how to pray 

Growing in the Lord 

At school or at play 


In the Word of God 

She always rests secure 

During all her trials 

She’s able to endure 


Trusting in her Lord 

And faith in things above 

Of Jesus and His glory 

And His timeless love 


She is a beautiful woman 

With a virtuous heart 

She loves the Lord her God 

And from Him won’t depart 




At a young man’s funeral 

With his friends gathered around 

They listened to what he wrote them 

As they lowered his body down 


My life is now over 

He began to tell them all 

But I am living again 

Because I answered the Savior’s call 


He said, you all knew me 

With my rough and rowdy ways 

Never listening to any reason 

Except in my final days 


But your lives are before you 

And take an old friend’s advice 

You only have to once 

If you are truly born twice 


Make a commitment to Jesus 

Come gather round my grave 

Believe in Him my friends 

And you, He will surely save 




Just babes in Christ 

Most of us are 

Never shining forth 

Like a brilliant star 


Not able to understand 

The most basic teaching 

Just tickle you ears 

With pretty preaching 


Unskillful in God’s word 

And never growing wise 

The senses are dulled 

From no exercise 


But strength to those 

God’s doctrine some know 

Moving on from repentance 

To perfection we go 


Laying on of hands 

And resurrecting the dead 

God does permit this 

His Word has said 




The daughter of some missionaries 

Came around one day 

Helping me with the sick 

But said, she couldn’t stay 


As we worked together 

Our friendship really grew 

It seemed, she and I together 

There was nothing we couldn’t do 


Enjoying her work and loving God 

Her expectations were filled and more 

She found a husband in me 

And loved help the poor 


Forty-three years have gone by 

In this short space of time 

Praising God for bringing us together 

In His wisdom sublime 


But now my heart is lonely 

She has gone from this place 

But I will see her soon 

We’ll be together in God’s grace 




There are many people helping 

To hold on the rope 

Others raising up churches 

Or a missionary’s hope 


Give freely my friends 

Of your money and time 

God works through us 

With His wisdom sublime 


A lot of hands are giving 

For the cause of our Lord 

So all can come 

And seek God’s reward 


Some stay behind 

Supporting those in need 

Also praying faithfully 

The God will intercede 


There are many members of the Body 

But by One we are led 

Through Christ Jesus our Lord 

We are the hands; He is the Head 




Waking from a dream 

That seemed almost real 

I was a man of action 

With zest and zeal 


Fighting the unholy 

And wanting to help others 

I was serving the Lord 

And my sisters and brothers 


But always ending up 

On a dark lonely street 

Standing by a door 

Expecting someone to meet 


Seeing the same place 

Weird as it does seem 

I went to this door 

Just like in my dream 


Opening the door wide 

A sick man I see 

He said I dreamed you’d come 

God has sent you to me 




A child’s lonely cry 

For a poor neighborhood 

It’s hard to look around 

And find anything that’s good 


My parents left me nothing 

A young man has said 

Sometimes, I am thinking 

I’d be better off dead 


If I would be born again 

A rich man’s son 

Things would be different 

I’d be number one 


I said, you can be born again 

And things can change 

Give yourself to Jesus 

Your life He will rearrange 


The young man said, please Mister 

Can you tell me more 

I whispered thank you Jesus 

For opening another door 




The rich man was dying 

And all alone at the end 

No one came to see him 

For he didn’t have one friend 


Living his life for money 

And monetary gain 

His heart was very bitter 

And full of great pain 


Looking back at things 

He did and didn’t do 

Never caring about others 

Or the pain they went through 


But now things are different 

About others he wants to care 

Now that his is dying 

It seems quite unfair 


He would look at others 

With more than a glance 

If the Master of the Universe 

Would give him one more chance 




There are many different religions 

But one with Christ as Lord 

He has taken away our sins 

And His grace is our reward 


He arose from the grave 

So others can follow His way 

Just trust in the Lord 

It’s the dawning of a new day 


Finding hope in the Lord 

Will truly set people free 

In Him there is vision 

When we fail to see 


What is in man’s heart 

Is God’s perfect peace 

When he accepts the Lord 

Man’s love will increase 


Climbing the mountain to God 

Many climb their own side 

Each man his own way 

But all in Christ abide 




Be in God’s presence 

And stand in His Light 

Serve the Lord, my son 

Be worthy in His sight 


Embrace God’s Son 

And trust in Him 

When His wrath is kindled 

He comes to condemn 


Kings of this earth 

Can tie our hands 

But Jesus saves us 

And breaks these bands 


Jesus will deal with them 

In His displeasure 

Those arrogant ones 

Will receive a full measure 


But from the hill of Zion 

Rejoice in the Lord 

Blessed are they 

Who receive His reward 




Go now my Son 

And gather your flock 

Most men are corrupt 

Holy God they mock 


Many chances were given 

For Man to repent 

But they blasphemed the Lord 

And the One He has sent 


Quickly and boldly 

Collect the chosen few 

For the Earth is troubled 

And there’s much left to do 


Now men will see 

The power of the Lord 

When Jesus comes quickly 

Each receive his reward 


Blessed are those people 

That do the Lord’s will 

Take the water of Life 

And drink to your fill



Once there was a rich man

The richest in our town

He always despised the poor

Upon them he looked down


One day a little fellow

Stopped him on his way

It was the same crippled boy

He passed by every day


The lad was selling apples

Just to make ends meet

The miser couldn’t spare a dime

On such an extravagant treat


The rich man noticed one day

The lad was no longer there

Someone told him he had died

And was in the Father’s care


That night the rich man died

And straight to hell he went

Somehow through the smoke and ash

He smelled the apple’s scent




There was a certain man

Going to church one day

Finding a penny on the ground

He thought to give away


This man would always give

To God and everyone

He was a generous man

Giving everything under the sun


At church the plate was passed

The penny was dropped right in

The usher saw the disgraceful act

And thought, what a sin


In anger the usher rebuked him

Telling everyone, give him the axe

The usher felt like such a fool

When he found out all the facts


Yes, a lesson was learned that day

And now I truly see

Never to judge anyone

Because the usher that day was me





The old work horse

Pulled the hearse along

Business is very good

Was the undertaker’s song


One man was born

Another man died

The undertaker watched

As the man’s family cried


Death is all around him

And he doesn’t care

But God will judge

Being Righteous and fair


Just worry about business

Was the undertaker’s plan

Having no interest

In the family of Man


Now the hearse has no driver

But the horse knows the way

And business is still good

The undertaker died today





Nothing but death

Was across the land

There were no righteous ones

To make a stand


The wickedness of man

Was out of control

Defiling his body

And destroying his soul


Lovers of darkness

Afraid of God’s light

Trying to hide

From His Holy sight


Given over to lust

And perverted thinking

Worshipping their idols

In fornication and drinking


Without caring or understanding

For the poor and his needs

God shall judge them

According to their deeds





Fruits of the Spirit

Are sown in love

It is what god desires

From Heaven above


Faithfulness and goodness

Also self-control

All from the garden

To enrich your very soul


When growing in real grace

And God’s mercy too

The Lord’s strength is yours

There’s nothing you can’t do


For he who plants peace

Will find exceeding joy

Founded on the Rock

That no man may destroy


God’s gentleness and kindness

Is waiting for us all

Jesus leads us to the garden

If we listen to his call





Crucify your flesh

And all it brings

Let His Spirit come forth

As a living spring


Don’t be discouraged

Then sin enters in

Just trust the king

You’ll always win


There are many things

We don’t understand

But love thy neighbor

That is His command


Be a righteous man

Never brag or boast

Be filled with Jesus

And the Holy Ghost


Remember my friends

Grace is for you

Only accept His love

You’ll be saved too





In these last times

When days are dark

Murder is running free

To trample life’s spark


The innocent are slain

And the guilty go free

Standing up for justice

Is how it should be


When someone is troubled

Give him your hand

Show them the right path

On solid ground you’ll stand


Be bold for the Lord

At the same time be meek

Humility is taken for weakness

Strength can turn the other cheek


Let the greatest among you

Be the servant of all

Straight up to the Father

None need not fall





O’ wicked Babylon

How long will you stand

Before the Lord chastens you

With His mighty hand


You mock God’s Holiness

And shed innocent blood

As in the days of Noah

Before God sent the flood


Your Government is corrupted

And out of control

Living for greed and lust

Ready to sell it’s soul


Murder and violence

Is the order of the day

Your people do not care

If it stays or goes away


If you forsake the Lord

You must accept your fate

O’ wicked Babylon

Your hour is getting late





The Lord can save your soul

And make burdens easy to carry

Is the Second Coming near

Or will he tarry?


Put all your trust in Him

He may be here today

Only the Lord knows

If He will delay


He went to prepare a place

So all can live in peace

The Master’s work is genius

His wonders never cease


So strengthen your hearts

On His love you can depend

It will put your mind at ease

Knowing in Him you have a friend


The Lord can save your soul

And make burdens easy to carry

Is the Second Coming near

Or will He tarry?





Dear God in Heaven

Guide us to thee

The wages of sin is death

With our hypocrisy


The time is coming

When you have to choose

To serve the Lord

Or your soul you will lose


My friends a leopard

Can’t change his spots

But if you listen to the Lord

You can change your thoughts


The world around us

Does not hear His voice

But we harken unto the Lord

We have made Him our choice


People in the world

Care for nothing but their greed

But true Christ followers

Care for other’s needs