Expounder Ministries Presents

Greg Millhorn's Poetry Segment



When looking through glass

Many things I can see

When gazing in a mirror

All I see is me


Some people are like glass

Easy to see right through

Their motives are very honest

And their hearts are always true


The mirror just reflects

An image that looks fair

But showing mostly vanity

To those residing there


The glass is very clear

Allowing light to shine on you

The mirror diffuses light

And hides it from our view


When God’s Light shines in

Through glass it’s heavenly gain

But when looking in the mirror

The light of life is short and vain





Jesus left the Throne

To intercede for all Mankind

He makes us acceptable to God

And puts the devil in a bind


The Lord fulfilled all Prophecy

Not one of them did He miss

You need to see the Word of God

On this do not resist


Jesus is like a Rock

To build your life upon

Don’t fall into temptation

And from all wickedness be-gone


If you don’t know Jesus

You better find out why

Millions will be looking into Heaven

From across the void when they die


Hear me my dear friends

Through Jesus there is a way

His Spirit is being poured out

In this final day





Powers of darkness are everywhere

To hold and deceive your thoughts

But light overcomes darkness

Your sins Jesus has bought


The Lord is calling you

From your darkness, into His Light

Come walk with the Lord

Your spirit is made right


The Lord has love for you

Come and follow His way

Make a commitment to the Lord

Let this be the happy day


Jesus is the way

Eternal Life is through Him

Realize what this means

Or your soul you will condemn


Jesus is the truth

And He will always be

The Word of God made flesh

Now and for Eternity





I saw many going

As time went by

But I just couldn’t

Regardless I would try


One or two steps

Is all I’d take

To be born again

Salvation is at stake


So, I prayed to God

Please come into my heart

I want to be your child

And take my rightful part


The very next time

I heard the altar call

Receiving the Holy Spirit

To my knees I did fall


Thanking God Almighty

For saving me this day

Sharing Jesus with others

As I travel along my way





The rich man was asked about

The best deal he ever made

He said, I bought a Bible

Three-fifty was all I paid


Worth much more than gold

It is a way of life

Searching its pages for wisdom

I turned to proverbs in my strife


The Book of John showed me love

And many other things too

The Bible is a treasure house

Containing everything that is true


The Books of Moses showed leadership

And how to wait upon the Lord

I retained all it’s knowledge

And its wisdom is my reward


All of this for my investment

It taught me how to give

To the Lord first, then others

It’s the only way to live





Our coarse, rough edges

Can become smooth, you know

In the Carpenter’s hands

We are shaped just so


By irritating sand

In the oysters shell

The oyster forms a pearl

We are like the pearl as well


The caterpillar is transformed

A miracle does take place

The new creation is born

A butterfly’s beauty and grace


A dirty piece of coal

Can be a Diamond someday

Over time and many changes

All along it’s way


Being born again

The old becomes new

Born in God’s family

Together, me and you





Thinking back to the war

I was on patrol that day

I thought of the Lord Jesus

And knew I should pray


I said, if you hear me

Please see me through

Many people have told me

There’s nothing you can’t do


Just then I heard a noise

Like someone breaking a stick

I had stepped on a mine

And heard it’s awful click


Remembering the hard struggles

Ready to give up on life

Now seeing my son and daughters

And my beautiful wife


Knowing the Lord has blessed me

And called me to teach

The Word of God to others

From this wheelchair, I will preach





The blood of Jesus

Is pure as white snow

Shed for us on Calvary

So man could truly know


Jesus is the Son of God

Who made all things

Offering up His life for Man

So eternal life it brings


He is the King

Worthy to be praised

The righteous worship Him

All others are amazed


Because blindness touched their eyes

The truth they refused to see

Now in a sea of sorrow

These souls in eternity


But others saved by the Blood

Of the Holy Lamb

Sent as a sacrifice

By the great “I AM”





Born in a world He created

To be crucified on a tree

Our beautiful, sinless Savior

Died for our iniquity


Coming down from His glory

To set the people free

Born from the womb of a virgin

Later to die upon Calvary


Tempted in every way

But not sinning as you or me

God’s Holy Word made flesh

Has made the devil flee


Doing His Father’s will

Helping the world to see

Living in the Spirit forever

Is part of God’s decree


Jesus, a name above all the rest

With power to forgive even thee

But you must accept it freely

That’s the way it has to be





The time is now

For all to see

Under the Lord’s grace

Is where you should be


Open your blind eyes

And look all around

His coming is near

Don’t stay lost be found


Listen to His words

They speak of great truth

It is for all people

Old and in their youth


Jesus is the bridge

Through Him come across

Into a New World

Where there is gain and not loss


He is calling to you

To join Him today

Come to the Lord

And from Him do not stray