Once there was a baker

The only baker for miles around

The baker was very joyful

Great happiness he had found


He went to work each day

Making his wonderful treats

Always preparing extra

For the poor out on the streets


Another baker came to town

And everyone went to him

Even the poor went there to beg

But he had no time for them


The kind old baker fed the poor

And still praised God each day

Knowing his broken heart

He could no longer stay


The new baker loves his money

And fails to give credit due

The town got what it deserved

And high priced bread too




I deceived my father

To get his blessing and land

Then provoked my brother

To have hatred on his hands


I worked for fourteen years

And took two sisters for my wives

I have many wonderful sons

And we have wealthy lives


One night I wrestled with the Lord

Until my thigh was out of joint

He blessed me and answered my questions

And I listened to His point


I see my brother coming

I think to do me great harm

But he comes and kisses me

And then takes me by the arm


God has blessed me again

Now Israel is my name

I build this house of God

For my spirit He did tame





There is a preacher I know

A good neighbor to everyone

He looks for good in people

No matter what they’ve done


Always there to give

Just lending helpful hands

To further the cause of Christ

Just as the Lord commands


Trying to strengthen God’s people

He preaches to great and small

Out of love for Jesus

He tries to reach them all


He knows his mighty defender

Will always see him through

He puts his trust in Jesus

There’s nothing he can’t do


Quiet now, he’s going to preach

Listen carefully and you’ll hear

The word of God being spoken

And know Christ the Lord is near





The youngest brother was always left

When the others went to play

Alone in his thoughts

He prayed to God all day


He talked to God all the time

As the years went slowly by

God always blessed him

As the others wondered why


Being a strong man for God

Speaking up when there is wrong

And telling the other brothers

 With God is where we belong


Always a faithful servant

Worshipping his Lord and King

Seeing the works of God

And the happiness it does bring


The youngest brother is first

A man after God’s own heart

Now the other brothers follow him

And from God they won’t depart





All hail, the new centurion

Dressed in royal blue

Rendering things to Caesar

And Almighty God too


Going out into the streets

Making them a safer place

But some who he protects

Look on him with disgrace


The Centurion is very helpful

But is always on guard

Having been in many battles

Being wounded and scarred


At any given moment

The enemy could strike

Stealing, raping and murdering

To the Centurion’s dislike


All hail, the new Centurion

And justice for which he stands

And when you need his help

He reaches out with mighty hands





My dad always told me

Be a strong man for the Lord

Just let God work through you

Not expecting any reward


I never understood this

While going through my youth

But knew I loved the Lord

Seeking after God’s truth


Does what you’re doing give glory

To the Son of God above

Dad would say this often

While correcting me in love


Dad had many sayings

Most of them Bible quotes

While reading the Bible I’d see them

For they were mental notes


My dad love the Lord

And I know he loves me

He taught me by example

And that’s how it should be





A man dressed in rags

Was begging from some bread

Going from house to house

Just hoping to be fed


Knocking on each door

He received the same reply

We have nothing for you

And don’t care if you die


Coming to an old house

With a broken down gate

There stood a young couple

Now knowing of their fate


The couple said come in

And have you journeyed far today

Please eat and rest yourself

Before traveling on your way


The beggar looked back and smiled

At the couple behind the fence

And giving them a blessing

Because He was Christ the Prince





A dream came to him

In the middle of the night

He was perplexed about it

Thinking till morning light


In the dream there were Angels

Climbing to and fro

Up and down a ladder

Back and forth they did go


Climbing, climbing, climbing

For the heavens to the ground

Others climbing from the earth

It was quite a turn around


The Angels carried messages

And prayers to the King

A never ending process

There were always some to bring


Jacob set a marker there

Saying, God is in this place

I’ll build a temple here

Full of beauty and grace