Expounder Ministries Radio Bible Teaching Outreach

Christian Poetry-By Greg Millhorn



The brilliance of God’s glory

Is there for all to see

The radiance of Lord Jesus

Reflects upon you and me


Brighter than any star

In the darkest night

The people of the Lord

Shine forth with His light


We are His body

With legs, arms and hands

Always wanting to help others

Just as the Lord commands


Loving God with all our hearts

And our neighbors too

Jesus is living in us

And there’s nothing we can’t do


The salt of the earth

With distinctive taste and savor

Are people doing God’s will

And never losing their flavor





A wise man knows better

Than to seek changes he cannot control

But a foolish man runs blindly

To offer the world his eternal soul


God made man is His image

And gave him freedom of his will

Man worships creation and not the creator

And he is worse for it still


The Father gave us His Son

Accepting Him takes away our sin

This does not mean we sin no more

We try not to, because He abides within


If you look at how the wicked prosper

Things in this world are easy for them to do

They will gain the world, but miss the savior

God’s word on this is very true


God’s word never returns to Him void

It is always accepted by at least one

But there are many that reject it

And it’s been that way since man begun





Am I my brother’s keeper, Lord?

You told me I should be

Why do I hurt my Brother

Then run and pray to thee


Do I hold his sin up

So all can see it, under his face

Or do I tell him about mine

Together praying in a silent place


The wicked can’t wait to see

The good fall by the way

Christians are under watchful eyes

We must renew faith everyday


I stand upon the word of God

And know it to be true

When you point your fingers at someone

There’s three pointing back at you


Jesus said, “Love God”

And your neighbor as yourself

Don’t be so quick to judge

Put condemnation on a shelf





I’m working for the Lord

In everything that I do

Giving my all for Him

And likewise so should you


Jesus is my Boss

At church or working place

People wonder what’s happening

Always a smile upon my face


With this way of thinking

And trying to do no wrong

Just doing our very best

Because to Him we all belong


Do not be caught sleeping

Thinking the Boss will delay

Because He will come quickly

On that very day


Blessed are the servants

The Lord they have sought

For the Son of Man will come

At an hour you think not





The Reverend led the prayers

On that joyful day

Even when it was over

Everybody just wanted to stay


The church received a blessing

And the building containing it too

Many things were done that day

Before the service was through


Straight from God’s word

Rang out the truth

Intense ears were listening

From the aged to the youth


The preaching and praising

To God’s Holy Son

Just got better and better

And it was really fun


The countenance of God’s people

Seemed to take on a glow

Everyone was so very happy

The Lord was there I know





Sitting on the porch

On a warm summer day

I heard a terrible scream

From not every far away


Like a shot from a cannon

To the pool straight and true

I pulled a little boy out

He was lifeless and blue


I prayed to almighty God

Which I had never done

Then promised, if He saved him

I’d give anything under the sun


Suddenly, the boy turned pink

And his life was back again

His parents thanking God for me

It seemed very strange back then


Thinking back to those days

Is a happy memory

I saved that little boy

And Almighty God saved me





How much longer, O Man

Can your wickedness last

You are more sinful now

Than you were in the past


Shedding the innocent’s blood

In your genocide plan

Your knowledge is corrupt

For the family of Man


Your priorities are foolish

Saving animals and trees

But when humanity cries out

You are ignoring their pleas


You worship God’s creation

But the Lord you forget

The devil has snared you

You’re caught in his net


You’re inexcusable O Man

With your black heart

When you stand before God

He will make you depart





Someday real soon

We shall see

The Lord coming back

For you and me


Two men farming

One is taken away

Many people leaving

On this special day


Two women weaving

One suddenly gone

Under the Lord’s protection

Are we from now on


But just His church

Will get to go

The Body of Christ

I hope you know


Only God knows

When the time is here

So always stand ready

The hour is near





Glory not in lies

Or wicked delusion

Where there’s envy or strife

There’s also confusion


A wise man’s wisdom

Is fear of the Lord

He’s full of Righteousness

By God he’s restored


Submit yourselves to God

Humbly in His sight

He will lift you up

As His shining light


Be patient with others

As they are with you

If you judge people falsely

You condemn yourself too


A double minded man

Has a devilish heart

He’s unstable in his ways

And from God’s he’ll depart





By every word of God

Is how man should live

Everything is the Lord’s

To hold or to give


Your Father in Heaven

Knows your every need

He sees a giving heart

Or one full of greed


All things are possible

To him that believe

Have faith in the Lord

And blessings you will receive


His yoke is easy

And His burdens are light

Trusting in the Lord

By faith, not by sight


God sent His Son

Into this world to save

You better learn this fact

Before you reach the grave