Expounder Ministries Radio Bible Teaching Outreach

Christian Poetry-By Greg Millhorn



The Father is in Heaven

And so is the Son

The Spirit is in us

They are three in one


God is on the throne

And will rule for all times

The wicked will be punished

For their many crimes


Jesus is the only one worthy

His sacrifice opened the gate

Come with us and worship Him

Before it is too late


The Spirit is everywhere

Waiting to come in your heart

Once you have found this truth

From the Lord you won’t depart


When you received the Spirit

And trust in Jesus too

God will put your name

In the Book of Life so true





Train up a child

In ways he should go

When he gets older

Truth he will know


To love his parents

For showing the way

Being taught in righteousness

And from it won’t stray


Honor the father

And mother as well

Your life will be long

And there goodness will dwell


Be thankful to them

Who prayed to the Lord

For you to be saved

And your soul be restored


Children obey your parents

For it is right

It also honors God

Being worthy in His sight





A rich man asked a poor man

Why are you more happy than me

The poor man said, I’m rich too

But with things you cannot see


He told him of his Father

Of His wealth and many things

Then telling about his Father’s love

And the great happiness it brings


The rich man did not understand

But that night he had a dream

It was the future being told

And a funeral was it’s theme


A voice said over and over

The rich man is now dead

He woke in terrible fright

Telling others what the voice had said


The rich man made his coffin ready

For he knew he was going away

Just then a man came in saying

That the poor man just died today





Dear God in Heaven

How long must we wait

Is the end coming soon

Is the hour getting late?


Jesus can come to us

In the wink of an eye

Will all of you people

Be ready to fly?


If you are with Him

We rejoice and sing

The Second Coming for us

Is a wonderful thing


My friends, if you died today

Which way would you go

The Lord’s Heaven up above

Or the Lake of Fire down below?


Dear God in Heaven

How long must we wait

Is the end coming soon

Is the hour getting late?





My thoughts are of you

My wonderful Lord

I am changed forever

My soul you’ve restored


I was once lost

But now I am found

Sin cannot abide

When you are around


I give glory to you

At the start of my day

Even when things get bad

You’re there all the way


Your love for Man

Is honest and pure

It will always be

And forever endure


Friends come with me

And let’s praise His Name

If you’re not listening

Only you are to blame





Look at the world

What evil I see

The people are sinful

God, are we blind to thee?


The wrong does go forth

To destroy and kill

The wicked one laughs

They are doing his will


Murderers take life

Without any remorse

The judge lets them go free

Has justice taken its course?


The innocent are slain

Before they are born

This world is corrupted

Not a minute to mourn


Look at the world

What evil I see

The people are sinful

God, are we blind to thee?





The Lord is good

Holy in every way

The righteous love God

And worship Him everyday


Walking with the Lord

He allows you to see

Many spiritual things

Touching you and me


Ask and it’s given

Seek and you shall find

Jesus waiting to renew

Your heart and you mind


God is always near

Giving us an inner calm

David knew God’s peace

When writing every Psalm


God gives us hope

Through Jesus His Son

Just open your heart

And with Him be one





To do His will

Is the joy in my heart

It’s the design of his plan

Right from the start


If I suffer for his cause

I will still rejoice

That he is my Lord

And I made Him my choice


From the darkness we shine

Like a star in the sky

Because His wonderful grace

Covers us when we die


Let’s forget about ourselves

And our lust and greed

For His forgiving love

Is all that we need


So, sing praises to Jesus

And pray everyday

Get right with the Lord

On this don’t delay





There was a man

Who was born without sight

Neither he nor his parents sin

Did cause this plight


The works of God

Made manifest in him

When the Pharisees heard Jesus

They wanted to condemn


The man that was blind

Said, Lord, I believe

You are the Son of God

And my sight I did receive


Are we also blind

The Pharisees said in vain

Lying they said, we can see

Therefore, their sin remained


There was another blind man

Who spiritually could not see

But he was healed by Jesus

And that man was me




The old folks prayers

Cover you when you’re young

On the ladder of prayers

You step up another rung


The old prayers warriors

Many battles they have won

Lots of sleepless nights

All for you my son


They climbed the ladder

Many countless times

Offering prayers to God

For Man’s many crimes


But they are tired now

And you’re old enough to pray

You’re high upon the ladder now

So pray for them today


The ladder is tall enough

To reach Heaven’s gate

Jesus mediates prayers for us

Only He will know their fate