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Christian Poetry-By Greg Millhorn



I met a woodcutter

As I traveled along my way

He was a diligent worker

While praising God all day


He worked long and hard

While cutting the village’s wood

Always helping others

And giving when he could


He told me that he’s working

As unto the Lord

Looking at it that way

Hard work has its reward


He showed me by cutting wood

You warm yourself twice

I knew what he meant by this

And thought that it was nice


God has hidden everywhere

Many precious things

The woodcutter discovered

The happiness that God brings





Faithful to the Lord

Was this family of nine

Dad and mother, sister and brother

All the way down the line


Dad often worked two jobs

When things got tight

Today, he’s still my hero

And he’s worthy in God’s sight


Mother worked hard raising kids

And leading us to the Lord

Saying, to see you all saved

Will be it’s own reward


Now, some of us are gone

Cause most of us are grown

And cleaving to our wives

With children of our own


I remember my parents saying

No matter what it took

We are going to raise this family

According to God’s book





There was a treasure hunter

Looking all around

Trying to find his treasure

But it could not be found


Searching for silver and gold

He toiled hard and long

Some called him a dreamer

But he thought they were wrong


Thinking of nothing else

But treasure in his hands

Blinded him from reality

Never meeting his demands


Then crying out to God

For an understanding heart

Promising, if He helped him

From God he won’t depart


He finally found his treasure

And thinking is was odd

He should have known life’s treasure

Was in the knowledge of God





The wonder of God

And the power of His love

Ruling Heaven and Earth

From His Throne above


Nothing can happen

Without God’s approval

A president’s appointment

Or a king’s removal


God knows all things

His wisdom Divine

He knows your heart

And also mine


God created Man to love

Not as a slave

Through Jesus He forgives

And our souls He’ll save


If you think God’s a tyrant

You don’t know His plan

He wants only good things

For the family of Man





The rich man went shopping

To see what he would buy

Though he couldn’t find happiness

Regardless he would try


Stopping at a merchant’s shop

To buy himself a gift

Hoping in his greedy heart

His spirit it would lift


Poor people watched through the window

The rich man yelling, “Get away”

Then saying to the merchant

“They have followed me all day”


The godly merchant told the man

Glass was made to look through

It enables you to see

What is honest and true


By putting silver on to glass

In the mirror what do you see

The rich man said, “I see nothing”

All I see is me





I walked with God

And found Him true

Always keeping His word

And knowing it too


My faith in God

Is my whole life

To sin against Him

Cuts like a knife


God showed me His coming

Upon judgment for all

For sins against Him

The ungodly will fall


God told me things

That he will do

Rewards for many Saints

For what they went through


We talked all night

Until it was day

And suddenly I realized

God had taken me, Enoch, away





A young man went to sea

To seek his fortune there

But the man always remembered

He was in the Lord’s care


He was away for years

And saw many wondrous things

Seeing happiness and sorrow

And everything that life brings


He saw calm seas and violent storms

But God was by his side

The Lord was always on his mind

With him he did abide


The young man is old now

And sails the sea no more

He remembers back to every storm

When God helped him man the oar


It was the storms in life

That always increased his faith

In God’s everlasting arms

He knew that he was safe





The genius of God

Is beyond compare

With souls on the earth

And creatures of the air


Look at the sea

The land and sky

Many beautiful things

That pleases the eye


Stars shine bright

Along with the moon

They rule the night

But morning breaks soon


The sun’s brilliance

Overpowers the night

Darkness must retreat

And yield to the Light


The Light of God

Works the same way

God shines in the darkness

To find all who stray





I have come back

To where I belong

It’s been a long journey

To find I was wrong


I sinned before Heaven

And my Father, too

I’ve learned hard lessons

In all I went through


I wanted earthly treasure

And lust made me blind

To what is important

Real love I can find


I was very humble

When they welcomed me back

To feasting and gifts

There is nothing I lack


I want searching for things

That I already had

God and my family

Knowing this makes me glad





The sun is up

On this wonderful day

The air smells sweet

Of fresh cut hay


The sky is blue

The clouds are Gold

There are many beautiful things

In the world to behold


Cool breezes blow softly

Going where they will

Then all at once

It’s quiet and still


The stars disappearing

It’s no longer night

The darkness is gone

Overcome by the Light


It is the Light of God

That you must see

He created these things

For you and me





There was a poor lad

Who lived on the street

He didn’t even have

Any shoes for his feet


People passed him by

Day after day

Some gave him a penny

Then went on their way


The boy was really sick

But friends he didn’t know

Just people in a hurry

Passing to and fro


An old blind man

Who also lived there

Did what he could

With gentleness and care


The lad died last night

The blind man’s tears rained down

He lifted his voice to Heaven

Crying, put a star upon his crown





Out on my way

Across the burning sands

Quick to obey

All the Lord’s commands


Finding many pitfalls

On this road called life

People along the way

Bog down in their strife


Heading towards God’s Mountain

The Celestial City there

Many years I’ve traveled

In the Master’s care


Finally, I see it

With Angels at the gate

The road was very long

Being narrow and straight


The path I followed

To the Crystal sea

Guided by the Bible

A map for you and me





Salvation is needed

And Jesus is the way

Help me my Lord

Through this storm today


Into the Lord’s hands

I surrender my life

Take me Lord Jesus

From this sea of strife


Strong winds are blowing

My life boat around

But the Lord is with me

True joy I have found


The waters are troubled

But I’m making it through

The ropes of salvation

I’m holding onto


A ray of sunshine

On a dark stormy sea

The love of my Lord

Is surrounding me





When Jesus was born

All the Angels did sing

Glory be to God

And the new born King


But evil eyes watch Him

Waiting for their chance

First went John the Baptist

His head for the price of a dance


The murderous hearts

Of men are mad

They made plans to kill

The only hope they had


After His death

He showed us all

Through Him to the Father

None need not fall


Hurry, my friends

Be His today

Time is wasting

Not a minute to delay





Dear God in Heaven

Help me worship only thee

Teach me and reprove me

A good servant I must be


I want to praise you

And spend more time in prayer

I depend on your strength

When mine just isn’t there


The righteousness of You O God

Is beyond my human thought

But I am learning more and more

Through time and what you’ve taught


You have touched me my Lord

Deep down in my soul

I perceive spiritual things

And have more self-control


Only through you, Jesus

My heart forever sings

It soars as if it were upon

Some kind of Heavenly wings





The cold winter storms

Have come early this year

It seems a long time

Before spring is near


Autumn leaves have fallen

And covered over with white

Children playing and happy

It’s a wonderful sight


Birds scratch the ground

For hidden berries and seed

My God is so great

He even sees their need


The north wind is blowing

Another storm on the way

They say it’s a bad one

So, I stop and pray


And thoughts of the white snow

Bring a peace to my mind

Like pure sinless love

Why to Jesus are some blind?





For everything on earth

There is a reason

Why birds fly south

In changes of season


Searching the flower

While days are sunny

What tells the Bee

To make his honey


When winter comes

The bear keeps his den

Just sleeping there

Until spring comes again


Things in the world

Great and small

Are seen by the One

Who created them all


God’s greatest gift

Man should love most

Is the Father,

Son, and Holy Ghost





No one knew this man

Who saved our lives that night

A stranger out of nowhere

And a hero in our sight


Risking his own life

To help his fellow Man

An instrument of God

According to His plan


I often thought about him

And remembering his face

Full of wisdom with age

Shining forth in grace


His hair was white

As fresh fallen snow

No one saw him come

Nor did we see him go


The death camps are gone now

But the memories still remain

Of the man who helped us

Get aboard the freedom train