Lord, last night I watched

Your Spirit move through others

Why can’t people realize

In you we are all brothers


I felt great humility

In the testimony they gave for you

You can see it in their lives

And the actions that they do


Each one took his turn

And opened his heart for all to see

They humbled themselves before you

And showed their love for thee


They talked of hardships and devotion

Something we all must go through

We must listen to what the Lord tells us

On Him put your troubles there too


But, when the preacher laid hands upon them

I knew this was very right

This is according to the book, “Dear Lord”

I watched your Spirit move last night





The men of darkness

Are running from the Light

Thinking its black veil

Hides them from God’s sight


Their hearts are dead

Full of lust and hate

Giving glory to sin

For them it’s too late


Seeking only their pleasure

Through others hurt and pain

Sacrificing their own souls

For temporal worldly gain


The Light of God

Is brighter than any sun

Shining on His people

Through Jesus they are one


Man’s spirit is a candle

Belonging to the Lord

Only through Jesus alone

Can your soul be restored





I’m just walking along

On a cold winter’s day

Singing praises to God

All along my way


Seeing my cold breath

It’s like a steam train

Whistling, praise the Lord

Is its only refrain


There are friends up ahead

As I shuffle my feet

I must tell them about Jesus

As we meet in the street


Saying, are you sad and lonely

With no where else to go

Jesus waits for you

And a blessing He’ll bestow


As I wave goodbye

Walking down the road

I ask God to bless

The seeds I have sowed





Once there was a man

Who wanted to do me harm

He was always deceiving me

So, I decided to leave the farm


Finally on my own

And thinking I was free

But the man was close behind

Always there following me


So, I went to the city

To seek my fortune there

Everywhere I went was trouble

And nobody seemed to care


Feeling beaten and broken

And overcome by sin

I accepted Jesus as Savior

And my heart He is in


I’m back at the farm now

Where I should truly be

And the man I was running from

He was really me you see





By His stripes I’m healed

I always heard him say

As he suffered in his pain

Just living day by day


He said, when praying for something

Believe that it is so

Like this cancel inside me

I know it has to go


Telling us about the Lord

How he freed us from sin

To have healthy bodies and souls

Throughout and within


The months went by fast

And believing he was healed

When the Doctor’s report came back

We knew his fate was sealed


He opened the report with confidence

But his facial expression was weird

Telling us the cancer was gone

It all had disappeared





The old man came in

And did what he could do

To help us with our trouble

Carefully guiding us through


His hands strong but gentle

With motives hones and pure

Using His wisdom and knowledge

His actions true and sure


Seeming to always be there

On Him we could rely

In the time of sorrows

I’m here is His reply


We tried looking for Him

When we were not so sad

But it was new for us

Mostly looking when things got bad


But now, things are different

The old man’s there to stay

Just Father and us together

From God we no longer stray





Fairy tales and dreams

I hear some people say

As I travel the Christian road

All along my way


Wicked is this world

That we must live in

No respect for God

Mostly love of sin


But some are truly faithful

And really want God’s grace

Longing for the day

To look upon His Face


Others blaspheme God

And His Holy Name

The day will surely come

They will see their shame


Believing only in themselves

They will soon know

Where their kind of spirit

Finally has to go





The sun is up

A new day is here

Happy in His promise

And not knowing fear


It’s cool outside

But warm in my heart

I know in myself

Of God’s family, I’m a part


The trees and flowers

Are beautiful this year

Knowing I’m saved

Brings joyful tears


Summer days are happy

Without any care

Others not accepting God

To them seems unfair


Silver gold clouds

Go rolling by

I’m happy my God

Your love will never die