Expounder Ministries Radio Bible Teaching Outreach

Christian Poetry-By Greg Millhorn



Be a good witness

And make your stand

That Jesus is King

Across the land


What reasons to hate

No excuses to fight

Just worship the Lord

And be made right


None may ever enter

Heaven’s gate so true

Not accepting Jesus

Hell’s gate you go through


Everything in Heaven

Is beautiful and white

Never any darkness

Just God’s pure Light


So much praise and singing

It’s beauty I hear

Coming down from Heaven

It’s perfectly clear





Happiness in the Lord

Brings to every girl and boy

Unconditional love

And everlasting joy


Faith like that of a child

Is how it should be

Not understanding all

But still trusting in Thee


Little children in the world

Haven’t learned to hate

But they grow up fast

And with death we have a date


To see God

With the eyes of a child

Knowing His love

Makes you meek and mild


Hear His Voice little children

Keep your eyes on Jesus now

Time is running out

Try to get with Him somehow





Dear Father, I’m looking behind me

Many directions I went were wrong

Now I believe in the love of Jesus

I’m on the right path I belong


There are many rocky roads

And troubles along the way

So I give my burdens to Jesus

At the start of each new day


Look at the raging river

The waters are deep and blue

I hold on to the ropes of Salvation

It makes them easy to go through


I’m crossing over bad Lands

Where robbers try to steal my gifts

But I am not troubled or worried

The Lord’s justice is precise and swift


The mountains ahead don’t bother us

It’s always the sand in my shoe

I know during these times, you carry me

For there is nothing your love can’t do





When no longer bound

By this fleshly chain

And no longer feel

This earthly pain


My spirit will soar

Like a heavenly dove

Going to a place

That knows only love


This place is peaceful

And beautiful too

The Master prepared it

For me and you


Some call it Heaven

Others just a place

Where you can go

When saved by grace


Start right now

Preparing your way

And in your heart

Ask Jesus to stay





God’s laws are written

Within my heart

I try to keep them

Of me they are a part


God’s grace is Jesus

Who came from the Throne

From Heaven to Earth

To die here alone


Saved from death

By Jesus our Lord

Allowing us to God

Now we’ve been restored


Don’t worry or fear

About this wicked place

Jesus fulfilled the Law

And we’re saved by His grace


Boldly we may come

By accepting His love

Everyone will rejoice

From Heaven above





In a place far away

On a hill long ago

There was a poor carpenter

Building trees of woe


He never like his work

It was an unholy task

Trees made to cause suffering

He replied when he was asked


One day a crowd was gathering

To see the Chosen One

The carpenter knew this Man

Could only be God’s Son


But soldiers took Him away

And the trial went by fast

The carpenter knew that death

Would set Him free at last


The carpenter was very sad

Knowing he built the tree

But was happy salvation had come

And this was meant to be





On a cold winter night

My children prayed to the Lord

Asking that their father’s

Life be restored


Caught in a blinding blizzard

One cold and winter day

I prayed to the Lord

To show me the way


I had no strength left

Just a powerful need

To make it home safely

In Jesus’ name I plead


My life almost gone

Or so it did seem

Looking through the storm

And seeing cabin lights that gleam


Waking to see seven smiling faces

At my first sight

The Lord’s great mercy

Brought me to the Light





Do you sometimes forget

To lay your burdens down

Are you still sad

And wearing a frown


God sees all things

And knows your every need

Just cry out to Him

Mercy is your plead


You know how it is

To carry sin around

To get it off your shoulders

Rely on who you found


Jesus is the One

Who took all sin away

Trusting in the Savior

Will make a brighter day


Just remember when you’re sad

Or in great despair

It’s really good to know

You’re in the Savior’s care