Expounder Ministries Radio Bible Teaching Outreach

Christian Poetry-By Greg Millhorn



When we heed criticism

The wiser we become

Ignoring this true fact

Infringes on deaf and dumb


Be open to advice

Burdens are hard to bear

People risking your displeasure

But showing you they care


Enthusiasm for righteous living

Should be our desire

Burning in our hearts

Like never ending fire


Occupied with ourselves

Only fills our needs

Devotion to God and others

Brings us happiness indeed


Instruct the wise man

And the wiser he will be

Lead him to the Lord

And he’ll be wise and free





Men’s bitter hatred

Lust and greed

Feeds evil thinking

To satisfy it’s need


The human soul

Will force this test

Life with God

Or hell with the rest


What folly this is

When we do not see

That moment beyond the grave

Starts our eternity


When will men learn

Evil has no place

Except in hell fire

Relying on Man’s grace


People lift your eyes

Fear God and reverence Him

Be faithful in the Lord

And you He won’t condemn





As a burning candle

Is consumed by flame

So is Man’s soul

If rejecting Jesus’ name


Life is so short

When looking back to see

That young person there

Was really me


On our way to glory

Or the other place?

One brings us happiness

The other, suffering and disgrace


The gnashing of teeth

While burning in pain

Awaits all people

Covered in sin stain


The gift of God

Is eternal life

Away from all heartache

And bitter strife





The Lord kept this man

For his testimony I’m sure

Proving that through God

He’s able to endure


Stopping by to see me

Each and every day

Singing praise to the Lord

All along his way


He is touching many lives

While in such terrible pain

His sickness is spreading

Finally going to his brain


Never giving an inch

Just trusting in the Lord

Saying, the Lord will heal me

This body He’ll restore


The man walks by faith

And not by his sight

What an example for others

While walking in God’s light





May the Lord humble your heart

For all people in need

Help the lost to find Christ

For them we must intercede


Shed some tears for someone

And spend the day in prayer

Hell burns hot with sufferings

And it’s torments forever there


Stand in the gap for them

Fast and pray today

Be a witness for Jesus

Let nothing stand in your way


Have you sat so long in piety

Numbness affects your thought

Who leads you to know

By Christ’s blood you were bought


Be a soul winner for Jesus

Help save a life from hell

In Jesus there is victory

In us His Spirit dwells





One man’s loss

Is another man’s gain

That’s the way it works

In this world of pain


It’s mine all mine

Everything belongs to him

People want only riches

As far as the eye can see


Only thinking of themselves

Their minds full of greed

Doing wicked things

To satisfy their need


Never knowing the Lord

Or helping out a neighbor

Just only reaping sorrow

For the fruits of their labor


Turn away my friends

From this world of sin

Give your life to Jesus

And paradise you’ll enter in





Once there was a lad

Who made a special toy

He loved it very much

Giving him many hours of joy


One day while he was playing

He set the little boat down

When he finally came back

It was no where to be found


Later, passing a store window

And seeing what he had lost

He wanted the toy back

Regardless of the cost


Now you’re mine again

The lad was proud to say

I’ll never leave you anymore

And from me don’t sail away


People are like the boat

Sailing away from the Lord

The Creator bought us back

And wants our lives to be restored





The brilliance of God’s glory

Is there for all to see

The radiance of Lord Jesus

Reflects upon you and me


Brighter than any star

In the darkest night

The people of the Lord

Shine forth with His light


We are His body

With legs, arms and hands

Always wanting to help others

Just as the Lord commands


Loving God with all our hearts

And our neighbors too

Jesus is living in us

And there’s nothing we can’t do


The salt of the earth

With distinctive taste and savor

Are people doing God’s will

And never losing their flavor





A wise man knows better

Than to seek changes he cannot control

But a foolish man runs blindly

To offer the world his eternal soul


God made man is His image

And gave him freedom of his will

Man worships creation and not the creator

And he is worse for it still


The Father gave us His Son

Accepting Him takes away our sin

This does not mean we sin no more

We try not to, because He abides within


If you look at how the wicked prosper

Things in this world are easy for them to do

They will gain the world, but miss the savior

God’s word on this is very true


God’s word never returns to Him void

It is always accepted by at least one

But there are many that reject it

And it’s been that way since man begun





Am I my brother’s keeper, Lord?

You told me I should be

Why do I hurt my Brother

Then run and pray to thee


Do I hold his sin up

So all can see it, under his face

Or do I tell him about mine

Together praying in a silent place


The wicked can’t wait to see

The good fall by the way

Christians are under watchful eyes

We must renew faith everyday


I stand upon the word of God

And know it to be true

When you point your fingers at someone

There’s three pointing back at you


Jesus said, “Love God”

And your neighbor as yourself

Don’t be so quick to judge

Put condemnation on a shelf