Expounder Ministries Radio Bible Teaching Outreach

Christian Poetry-By Greg Millhorn




You are the King

Ruling Heaven and Earth

You have changed my life

And given me rebirth


I praise your Name

For all to hear

Jesus the Lord

To Him I draw near


Your wisdom and strength

Belong to me

I accept your love

That you give free


All glory for you

Is how it shall be

Showing love for God

To all that can see


Jesus shines in me

Like a bright light

Thank you dear God

For giving me new sight





Why are men foolish

About praising the Lord

The animals are smarter

And in one accord


The birds fly south in winter

And then return in spring

They always do God’s will

Praising the Lord as they sing


God made all things

And gave them their thought

The wisdom of the ant

Cannot be sold or bought


The Bee will tell you

So, listen to the Bee

When God thought of honey

He thought of me


All things that have breath

Should praise God

Whether is swims, flies

Or travels the sod





Have you heard about the Lion of Judah

He is coming back some day

To set up His Kingdom on earth

With us He will be here to stay


The Lord is swift with justice

And the wicked and rich try to hide

Rich men try to buy forgiveness

The wicked are deceitful and have lied


God wants us to help the poor

This law we should want to obey

Help the widows and orphans too

On this we should not delay


Be humble and very meek

And cast aside all pride

Do what is right in the Lord

And in you, He will abide


The Prince of Peace is coming

I tell you without any fear

For this is a truth I know

The wicked will shed many a tear




                                                                             THE OLD SILVER MIRROR


                                                                                 The old silver mirror

Now only glass remains

Silver all but gone

No beauty it retains


Shinning and polished

Once a thing of grace

Now worn and faded

It’s elegance but a trace


It reflected worldly pleasures

Harmless as they seem

Searched the sense of ego

Vanity’s brightest beam


Showing all the images

Which drew us to see

How fleeting beauty is

And how foolish we can be


We’re always looking at ourselves

Prideful of our sight

But Christ shines through the glass

With His truth and glories light





                                                                                 Pictures of every sort

Dolphins that are blue

A Princess and rainbow sharks

Cars and dinosaurs too


Santa Claus and something else

I wonder, what is that?

Then saying to myself

Of coarse, it’s a tiger cat


Sweet abstract expressions

Drawn with great care

For all the world to see

Their little feelings there


Wonderful tiny galleries

Are masterpieces of love

Made by precious hands

Gentle as a dove


Small artwork treasures

Pours from a child’s heart

God made children innocent

Pray their goodness not depart





I practice real hard

To get my plays right

Day after day

And into the night


Let’s huddle it up

And run it again

Run it till you drop

Coach says with a grin


Getting quicker and faster

Much stronger and lean

Executing my drills

Liked an oiled machine


Game time has come

I put on my cleats

We pledge to our flag

People rise from their seats


My God watches over me

Now time for my test

The opponent stands ready

We’ll see who’s the best



                                                                                    MAGGIE’S DREAM


                                                                               When Maggie went to bed

She fell asleep and dreamed

Of creatures great and small

Being so real it seemed


Climbing upon a butterfly’s back

And away they did fly

Seeing beauty in this place

As they flew across the sky


Asking, why is everyone so happy

As she laid between its wings

We love each other as ourselves

And respect each other’s things


She spoke with every creature

As they sang with one voice

God loves us and we love Him

And being nice is our choice


Time to wake up now Maggie

Or you’ll be late for school

Thinking of her wonderful dream

She remembered the golden rule





                                                                                Our lifework and deeds

Those we dare not trust

Only what’s done for God

The rest will turn to dust


Looking back at yesterday

With all of life’s concern

The lessons of our living

And wisdom we discern


Life can be deceptive

Ever present in our grasp

But cunning death is waiting

To sting us like an asp


The world rushes onward

Beneath the steps of all

But Jesus our foundation

Strengthens those who fall


So take time to be holy

Put God’s principles within

Walking with our Savior

Keep yourself from sin