I see you Lord

And know you care

Working in my life

You’ll always be there


Your love is wonderful

Why can’t people see

The truth is in you

It’s there for me


Some will never accept

You are the way

They believe a lie

From you they stray


You are the Light

The people will know

When it’s too late

They want to go


I praise you Lord

Knowing you are good

Some are being saved

Others aren’t but could





Lord God Almighty

Creator of Heaven and Earth

Told us Christ was coming

Long before His birth


God gives us every chance

To get back in His grace

The good will reign with Him

Evil is gone without a trace


Trust Jesus my friends

This world offers no real fame

After this life is over

All but Jesus will forget your name


Share in His glory

Make Him your Lord today

Just come as you are

And to Him we will pray


Now it is as it was

Like in Noah’s day

Jesus will come again soon

With your salvation don’t delay





Covered by His Blood

Are servants of the Lord

Your hearts are changed

And lives restored


Honor the Lord Jesus

Great things He has done

A battle was fought

And your soul He won


The Angels sing praises

To glorify His name

Jesus is Righteous

Without sin or shame


Accept His love

And have eternal joy

Rejecting the Lord Jesus

Your soul you destroy


Hell is for devils

Not for you or me

Come and know Jesus

You’ll be set free





My heart sings praises

To God’s Holy Son

Starting my life new

It has just begun


Jesus is my Lord

For all to see

His words are alive

Flowing out of me


By telling you this

I hope to share

His love and truth

Is generous and fair


What greater a gift

Could God have shown

To forgive Man’s sin

God’s Blood will atone


Come running to God

Jesus waits for you

But time is short

And there’s much to do





Be faithful to Jesus

In all we do

Just walk in the Spirit

And what is true


Jesus won’t forsake us

In the hour of need

Standing before God

For us He will intercede


His Blood is pure

And with it paid the price

To redeem us from sin

As our blood sacrifice


No one else is worthy

Just Jesus alone

To break the seven seals

From upon His Holy Throne


Come to the Lord

Before it is too late

If you refuse Him

Then accept your fate





Wake up you people

You’re being deceived

Satan’s lies are real

In him you’ve believed


There is no God

The fool has said

Live for your pleasure

Cause tomorrow you’re dead


Look around, my friend

And you will know

Satan’s guiding your way

To hell down below


Come as you are

Join Jesus today

Satan trembles before Him

And cowers away


The Lord is strong

He loves you too

Put your faith there

He’s Righteous and true





Have you ever thought

About the sin you’ve done

Counting or adding it

Along with everyone


There is not a number

That can go this high

You can’t multiply it

No matter how hard you try


But the weight of them

Was carried by a Man

God sent to free us

No other one can


The sins of the world

Everyone of them

Past, present and future

Was put upon Him


He who bore our sins

Knew no sin at all

But accepted them willingly

So our souls need not fall





Let Jesus be your Lord

For He is true

Let everyone see

Him shining in you


Don’t run from God

Whenever you sin

Just run to Him

You’re forgiven right then


To deny yourself

Is better still

Let forgiveness come easy

This is God’s will


Just repent and change

And trust in the One

Who’s Lord of your life

And God’s only Son


For time is short

His coming is near

Let your voice rejoice

And your ear hear