Expounder Ministries Radio Bible Teaching Outreach

Christian Poetry-By Greg Millhorn



Pray to the Lord

At the start of each day

And give your troubles to Him

God will help you on your way


Keep your eyes on Jesus

And pray without ceasing

It will help you in your life

While your faith is increasing


God hears all prayer

And knows which ones are right

Men forget and change their minds

Unworthy in God’s sight


Be faithful in prayer

God likes to see

All His people praying

On a bended knee


Love the Lord God

With all your heart

He will give you what you need

And from Him don’t depart





We love you, Lord

And want what’s right

Being good servants

Worthy in your sight


We seek your righteousness

And mercy too

If we got justice

Life would be through


But love for us

Is all you show

In Heaven above

And earth below


Look, Angels are coming

Leading your way

Now you return

To take us today


As we all meet

Much joy we will see

Away from this place

For you and me





My dear Lord God

Please help me do

Everything which is good

And righteous for you


Going forward in faith

And doing your will

Listening to your voice

When quiet and still


Being kind and humble

Full of your grace

Brings happiness to me

And a smiling face


The gift you give

I accept it free

Holy is the Lord

You helped me see


For you my prayers

And love I give

For your Holy words

In them I live





There’s power in prayer

And authority too

In Jesus name

Righteous and True


Pray for your needs

God’s there to hear

Uttering in your spirit

Or shedding some tears


The Lord gave control

To you and me

The power and authority

To make devils flee


God’s Spirit prepares us

To think and pray

Ask and you receive

It happens everyday


Remember my friends

To pray without ceasing

And all the while

Your faith is increasing





God sees everything

That’s in the heart

Having only love

Evil must depart


God’s love will cover

A multitude of sin

But you must renew

The Man within


If born again

Then people will go

Into God’s kingdom

And Life they’ll know


Search the Scriptures

To see what they say

And meditate on them

Before we pray


God’s love for Man

Is Jesus His Son

You must worship Him

The anointed One





All sins of Man

Were placed upon me

Father, my soul

I commit unto thee


Jonah, for three days

Was in the belly of a whale

But my three days

Were in the pit of hell


I rose from the dead

To where I used to be

I’m in the Spirit again

To set my people free


People, if you love me

Then do my will

I go, to who has sent me

And I’m with Him still


I’m coming back for my people

Then again on a white horse

Coming back with all the Saints

To let justice take it’s course





Dear God in Heaven

Only you know the day

When Jesus will come

To take His people away


Not even the Angels

Know this special time

Just you Father God

In your wisdom sublime


People be ye ready

The year is late

Jesus will come quickly

But God sets the date


Be watching and waiting

For Jesus will return

Man can’t know when

But soon we discern


Oh God, our Father

Seasons come and they go

Could this be the season

We will finally know?





Dear Lord, help me through

This cloudy, dark day

I know sometimes I forget

To pray and obey


Your Spirit speaks to me

In the silence of my heart

When I listen to it

My evil thoughts depart


You are Life Eternal

The Universe in your hand

Why can’t we love each other

And make the world understand


That you are Lord God

And all glory be for you

The old earth will be gone

And everything you will renew


Dear Lord, help me through

This cloudy, dark day

I know sometimes I forget

To pray and obey