Expounder Ministries Radio Bible Teaching Outreach

Christian Poetry-By Greg Millhorn



All along my way

I see God’s mighty hand

It brightens up the day

Just as He has planned


The great and the small

The wise will worship Him

For He created us all

But the wicked he’ll condemn


Vanity is in man

Who needs cleansing of the heart

Only as God can

Make these things depart


All things above

And everything below

God made in love

To us He will bestow


Praise God my friend

For He is our Lord

Giving us life without end

Is our eternal reward





It is a miracle

Most people were to say

That very scary night

When I learned to pray


The hotel was full

With guests all around

After the fire broke out

I lead them to higher ground


We all huddled together

I prayed to God above

Asking Him to surround us

And protect us with His love


Others started to pray

As the fire came near

Suddenly there was peace

Everyone lost their fear


As the fire got hotter

A water main broke in two

Protecting us from harm

We were able to get through





My thoughts of you

Are alive and free

It is no surprise

You have lifted me


I try to live good

And don’t want to sin

But sometimes I do

And you still abide within


I’m glad I found you God

And happy you’re always there

All the time I have

I talk to you in prayer


You walk with me

Where ever I go

Devotion to you

Is all I will show


My thoughts of you

Are alive and free

It is no surprise

You have lifted me





Walking through a field

And stopping by a pond

I thought to myself

God and I have a bond


God is my Father

I am His son

Thanks to Lord Jesus

Great things He has done


Thinking long about this

The sacrifice God made

All for you and me

I no longer am afraid


Filled with tremendous peace

And overjoyed with love

I sing praises to God

Who sees everything from above


Looking into the water

I see my smiling face

Jesus forgave me my sins

Through His amazing grace





Lord, I am quiet and still

Listening for your voice

I hear when you speak to me

At this I rejoice


Others cannot hear you

But they should find out why

They should listen to their heart

And not a worldly lie


Praise be to God

Some will find their way

Their lives will be renewed

At the dawn of this new day


I feel sad for others

Who will never know this joy

They harden their hearts to the Lord

And their soul’s they destroy


Come to the Lord

He will give you great peace

Everything is within His power

And His wonders never cease





Lord Jesus was there

When the Angels fell

Lucifer led one third

Leaving a wicked trail


Satan rebelled against God

And hates God’s plan

He’ll destroy all things

And this includes Man


But God loves us

And Angels wonder why

He sent us Jesus

To suffer and die


If people could see

Through a spiritual eye

It’s on to victory

Is the Archangel’s cry


With the devil defeated

And the battles won

We’re always praising God

For His worthy Son





Glorify the Lord

In all of the earth

He’s the only One

To have a virgin birth


Even as a child

His greatness was true

He knows His Father’s mind

And all the Scriptures too


Miracles and healing

By will or touch of hand

Many know the Son of God

His fame spread across the land


God’s goodness and love

Are tools of His trade

He offers it all to you

In the Son that He has made


Through the Son to the Father

He is the only way

He’s ready to accept you

Give your life to Him today





My spirit is sealed

It belongs to you

Lord of my life

It begins anew


God knows the answers

And the questions too

Be patient my son

There’s much to do


We must be ready

For His Holy return

Some will know when

From what they discern


Be close to God

And ready everyday

Only God knows when

He’ll take us away


Yes, my little son

Time goes by fast

When you look around

He’s here at last