Expounder Ministries Radio Bible Teaching Outreach

Christian Poetry-By Greg Millhorn



Lord, how much longer

Must we wait

In this world

Of pride and hate


People are wicked

And sin does abound

Cruelty is everywhere

Little love is found


Your followers are ready

To kneel at your feet

And on your return

To be made complete


Just trusting your word

And waiting for the day

You come with your Angels

To take us away


My Father in Heaven

When can it be

Us leaving this place

And YOU we will see





Isn’t it nice

That God is love

Watching over us

From Heaven above


He sees everything

We say or do

Knowing if our motives

Are honest and true


If we sin

And go astray

We must seek Him

Then repent and pray


Knowing He loves us

Feels so good

But sometimes His love

Is misunderstood


It’s Man that sins

And Man that falls

Only when trouble comes

To God, Man calls





God can help with

Troubles you are milling

Give them over to Him

For God is always willing


He can answer prayer

Before it leaves your mouth

God knows where the wind goes

And why the birds fly south


People marvel at nature

But say to God, catch you later

Why do people always love

The creation, not the Creator?


In sadness or bad times

He is still always there

But why not look for Him

While the weather is fair


God can help with

Troubles you are milling

Give them over to Him

For God is always willing





I’m wondering just what

The world would say

When the Lord comes

To take His Church away


Will some of them know

Can any of them care

Little chance of Heaven

For those left down there


The devil blinds their eyes

And tries to trick us all

But after this time

There will be a great fall


There will be many wars

And the earth will turn red

Blood runs like a river

And many will be dead


All of the Lord’s Saints

Will never see this day

For He has taken us away

And with Him we will stay





The day He comes

Will you know then

He is the Savior

He’s forgiven your sin


To know Him not

Is unforgiving too

Better know the Savior

Whatever you do


Better find out why

Many are with Him

He is like a flower

And we are like the stem


Come to the Lord

On this don’t delay

The time is short

Before this final day


To worship the Lord

Will make you glad

To deny His love

Will make you sad





Can you see

Who’s with me

He’s always there

My soul in His care


When I’m mad

Or even sad

I think of Him

Bad thoughts grow dim


I go to pray

But on the way

Remember He bought

Our freedom we sought


It is my choice

So let me rejoice

That He is my King

I praise Him and sing


Friend, hurry today

From Him do not stray

He will send you love

Down from Heaven above





I read God’s Word

And know it’s true

The word made flesh

For me and you


Jesus is the Lamb

Worthy in God’s sight

His Blood sacrifice

Brought us into Light


I follow the Lord

His way is good

But some will not

Knowing they should


To love one another

Is God’s command

And forgive each other

As God has planned


As time goes by

With Jesus I live

To brothers and sisters

His Word I give





The Lord is there

When you help others

To the less fortunate

Sisters and brothers


He watches you work

Trading time for pay

He sees you giving

Yourself in that way


God remembers to where

Your life money goes

Every given cent

Truly He knows


To come hungry souls

To the missionary’s care

God Blesses your giving

In love we share


You may never know

How your money was spent

But God sees every gift

And knows where it went