Expounder Ministries Radio Bible Teaching Outreach

Christian Poetry-By Greg Millhorn



The engineer drives his train

Down many miles of track

He thinks about the train’s history

And his mind starts wondering back


Before the planes and trains

And automobiles too

Hope was the vehicle

To see people through


He thought about hope in Jesus

In Him there is God’s truth

Then remembering prayers to God

Even as a youth


Prayers answered long ago

To let him drive the train

Then blowing the train’s whistle

Praise the Lord is it’s refrain


The engineer is joyful

Remembering all these things

And giving glory to God

For the happiness that He brings





Tears of sadness fell

From the little boy’s face

Thinking he was the cause

Of his family’s disgrace


His mother and father

Could not get along

Not knowing God to guide them

Everything just went all wrong


The boy looked back in sorrow

And then made up his mind

This will not happen to him

True happiness he will find


He found the love of Jesus

And joy entered his life

Then the Lord answered his prayers

Giving him a godly wife


Both serve and love the Lord

According to God’s word

When trouble come at them

In Jesus they’re reassured





Looking at yourself

Who can this be

Reflections in a mirror

What do you see


Can you hear God’s Word

And then go your way

Deceiving your own self

Be warned of this today


Harken, my beloved

God has chosen the poor

To be rich in faith

He’s promised even more


Heirs of God’s kingdom

For those that love Him

But double minded men

Themselves they condemn


Be doers of God’s Word

Not forgetting who you are

We are His points of light

Shining like a star





As then thousand years

Is a moment in the grave

My soul is the Lord’s

For it He will save


Laying down to sleep

In the wink of an eye

Time is now void

Forever when you die


Just passing through life

Is part of God’s plan

And accepting the Lord Jesus

Is restoration for Man


Death is a door

All must pass through

Eternity is waiting

God’s word is true


Forever in outer darkness

Or eternity with the Lord

Decisions made in this life

Their results are your reward





When we heed criticism

The wiser we become

Ignoring this true fact

Infringes on deaf and dumb


Be open to advice

Burdens are hard to bear

People risking your displeasure

But showing you they care


Enthusiasm for righteous living

Should be our desire

Burning in our hearts

Like never ending fire


Occupied with ourselves

Only fills our needs

Devotion to God and others

Brings us happiness indeed


Instruct the wise man

And the wiser he will be

Lead him to the Lord

And he’ll be wise and free





Men’s bitter hatred

Lust and greed

Feeds evil thinking

To satisfy it’s need


The human soul

Will force this test

Life with God

Or hell with the rest


What folly this is

When we do not see

That moment beyond the grave

Starts our eternity


When will men learn

Evil has no place

Except in hell fire

Relying on Man’s grace


People lift your eyes

Fear God and reverence Him

Be faithful in the Lord

And you He won’t condemn





As a burning candle

Is consumed by flame

So is Man’s soul

If rejecting Jesus’ name


Life is so short

When looking back to see

That young person there

Was really me


On our way to glory

Or the other place?

One brings us happiness

The other, suffering and disgrace


The gnashing of teeth

While burning in pain

Awaits all people

Covered in sin stain


The gift of God

Is eternal life

Away from all heartache

And bitter strife





The Lord kept this man

For his testimony I’m sure

Proving that through God

He’s able to endure


Stopping by to see me

Each and every day

Singing praise to the Lord

All along his way


He is touching many lives

While in such terrible pain

His sickness is spreading

Finally going to his brain


Never giving an inch

Just trusting in the Lord

Saying, the Lord will heal me

This body He’ll restore


The man walks by faith

And not by his sight

What an example for others

While walking in God’s light