Expounder Ministries Radio Bible Teaching Outreach

Christian Poetry-By Greg Millhorn



God is patient

And also kind

Seeing only goodness

And fault, He won’t find


God is never jealous

Or puffed up with pride

He never boasts

Or holds hatred inside


God is always glad

When truth is known

And God is present

When charity is shown


God is your faith

And hopefully will bring

You through your trials

To endure everything


God is love

An example for Man

God gave us Jesus

To follow His plan





Praise God in the morning

And celebrate all day

In you heart, rejoice

All along your way


Your strength is in Him

And His in you

In the Name of Jesus

There’s nothing you can’t do


Help the brethren

In your daily walk

If some go astray

Help tend to the flock


To love one another

Is how we must live

When others need our help

Be ready to give


Ask God for strong faith

And trust in Him more

He’ll use your helping others

To build and restore





Behold, he comes quickly

On this glorious day

We’re here, then gone

Jesus takes us away


At this great time

The dead will rise

All alive in Christ

To everyone’s surprise


When Jesus comes back

Then you will know

Because you’re not His

You’ll be left here below


Many are left here

Wondering what to do

Trusting in men

Instead of what’s true


For all the Church

It’s on to the feast

For the greatest of Saints

And also the least





When they killed the lamb

Sin was easy for them

But the precious Blood covered us

We have victory in Him


After three days

With the keys in His hand

He unlocked the chains

Throughout the land


The Spirit went up

And the Lord came back down

Don’t look for the dead

Where the living are found


The disciples received the Spirit

On that special day

But blessed are you who haven’t seen

And believe it anyway


When they killed the Lamb

Sin was easy for them

But the precious Blood covered us

We have victory in Him





Dear Father in Heaven

In these final days

The enemy is all around me

But I still sing your praise


I know you are with me

All my wonderful life

Even in my darkest hours

And during my strife


It’s easy to love you

When everything is good

But, even during chastisement

The lessons I understood


Help me be worthy

And be a blessing too

I worship only the Lord

And serve no one but you


Dear Father in Heaven

In these final days

The enemy is all around me

But I still sing your praise





Morning has broken

It is now dawn

Off in the clearing

Is a deer and her fawn


Look at the meadow

Many things are there

Rabbits hopping around

Butterflies floating on air


The warmth of the sun

Shines down from above

And over in the trees

Hear the coo of the dove


Northeast cool breezes

Are coming early this year

Summer is almost over

And a hard winter I fear


I turn my thoughts to God

And thank Him for all I see

The beauty of all His wonders

Lord, how great you are to me





Now is the time

To sing and shout

Salvation’s at hand

There is no doubt


Come praise the Lord

Your Savior and King

Rejoice in your happiness

And all it will bring


You opened your heart

And Jesus was there

To make you His own

And be in His care


Isn’t God great

To love us so much

Through Jesus His Son

Our souls He will touch


Praise Almighty God

All Heaven and Earth

Every creature great and small

Who has their rebirth





The glory of God

Shines in the Son

He and the Father

Are truly One


God in Heaven

Looking down with love

With Jesus God is pleased

Sing Angels from above


Jesus heals the sick

And begins to preach

Thousands coming now

To hear Him teach


Hundreds of miracles

People raised from the dead

God’s power is in Him

And His fame soon spread


But Jesus was born

To die for sin

So man could commune

With God again