Greetings, my name is Steven Millhorn from "the republic of" Texas. I want to say up front, that I do not consider myself a prophet. But at the same time, I also cannot deny that God has spoken to me on rare occasions throughout my life.


It's for this reason I want to express to you what I know God gave to me.  I don't "believe" God gave me this "word", I know God gave me this "word". I have communicated this "word" to others verbally, and on my Radio Program, and now I believe the time is right to communicate this "word" once again. I received this Prophetic "Word of the Lord" from the "Holy Spirit" of God, concerning Terrorism in America.



It was in June of 2010 that I had this revelation from the Lord and I was so moved by this encounter that I thought that Billy Graham who was in his 90's was about to die. That's why I immediately made a radio program about it and aired it publicly.



Now it would be very helpful if you were to first read 2nd Chronicles 34:13-31 as the Scriptural basis for this Prophecy, but I'll tell you what happened anyway.



As I had read the 2nd Chronicles passage the night before, and as I was sitting around the Brunch Table the next morning, celebrating my mother's birthday, God revealed to my mind-and spirit, that after the death of Billy Graham, increased or "much" terrorism would be unleashed in America.


I was left with the understanding that in the same manner that God forestalled His Judgment from the Children of Israel for Josiah's sake, in the same way, He was forestalling His Great Judgment upon America for Billy Graham's sake.


I was impressed upon by the Spirit of God that a Marked increase or a greater amount, or more frequent occurrences of Terrorism would occur after Billy Graham's passing away.


Just as in the 2nd Chronicles 34 account, God honored King Josiah for his acts and his reaction to having found a copy of the book of the Law of Moses, (knowing that the people were not doing according to the Law) (He delayed His Judgment upon them for king Josiah's sake).


In like manner, God will honor the life and ministry of Billy Graham by delaying or not allowing unrestrained Terrorism (that is already here in America) until after the death of Billy Graham.


For Josiah, upon having a Torah Portion of the Law of Moses read to him, rent his clothes and sought counsel of the Lord. He caused all the people in Judah in Israel to repent and begin following the God of Israel. God honored King Josiah by delaying the Judgment that was slated for Israel, until after his death. And in the same manner, God is also forestalling the greater part of America's Judgment, until after the death of Billy Graham (As it relates to Terrorism).